Eclectic: (e-'klek-tik, i-)
  	 1: selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles
	 2: composed of elements drawn from various sources; also : HETEROGENEOUS
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Henri Lepetit Paints Chautauqua Wine Country

French artist Henry R.B. Lepeit was inspired to paint a series of views of Chautauqua County while visiting Eclectic Gallery’s new facility in Westfield, New York.

Henri calls the area “God’s Country” and an inspiration for any artist. He chose Barcelona Harbor, Amish lifestyles, vineyards, and Bell’s Cove on Lake Erie, as subjects for this first series of paintings. Henri plans to visit the area again in July to continue the series.

The paintings will be exhibited at Eclectic’s New York Gallery later this summer and plans are underway to publish the series as limited edition prints that will be sold through local wineries, shops, and restaurants.

Eclectic’s Chautauqua Gallery is scheduled to open later this year. The facility will feature 19th century American and European paintings as well as contemporary works by international and regional artists. The Gallery plans to bring featured artists to the area to relax, paint, lecture, and teach. Also planned are wine tastings and other related events conducted in association with local vineyards on the Chautauqua Wine Trail.

A waterfall, Japanese bridge, rock gardens, and nature paths are also planned as features of an art walk that will feature paintings and sculpture exhibited in nature within the vineyards, and gardens located on the property.

19th Century
Danish Paintings

19th Century Danish paintings are the undiscovered gems of Europe: They were among the first to study with the Impressionists, starting in the 1880s. They naturally adopted the "French Palette" and brought its use of color back to Denmark. At the same time, they shifted their subject matter to country landscapes and ordinary people - both cast in the diffused light of Scandinavia. This became known as “Nature, Light, and Mood school of painting.

Taught at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, where leading figures were employed to pass on their secrets and tradecraft to the next generation, these artists held onto the classic vision of art - a “window to eternity,” revealing the sweetness, beauty, and love that lay beyond the pain and difficulty of everyday life. The last hurrah for this philosophy was 1890-1914, before the Great War, when European culture and sensibilities were at their highest.


Joanna Tlok
Light and Shadows
“Uncommon Studies of the Commonplace”

Inspired by fabrics, Joanna’s paintings cast new light on every day life.

CNN Moneyline with Lou Dobbs reported that investments in fine art have outperformed the S&P, DOW and NASDAQ indexes over the last 2 years. This means just blue-chip art, old masters, know (deceased artists), etc. "Trendy" art is not being purchased, only art that has been already recognized by the passage of time. The art has not only kept its value but has increased in value over the last 2 years.
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Robert Noel Blair
A View From The Outside

An ongoing exhibition of previously unseen paintings by Robert Noel Blair will be shown at Eclectic Art & Objects Gallery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . Included in the exhibition are many of the artist's earliest works dating from 1931 through 1949. They are among the paintings that Blair felt were his best and the paintings that inspired their use as reference for many of his later works. These important watercolors were part of the artist's personal collection that remained in his barn studio until his death in 2003.

"Art Enemies."
By Bob Keller

Theme Walls…
Bringing Memories to Life

Over the past few years our framing consultants have seen more and more people bring treasured memories out of their closets and onto the walls of their homes and offices in the form of Theme Walls. Some common themes "The kids growing up", "Our House", "Our lives together", "My career" Etc. Regardless of the theme the result is the same, a showcase of those things that you value most displayed in a thoughtful, creative, and visible wall presentation.

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John Peter Glover Creates Colorful Legacy Painting
for SAE



Popular Artistic Movements

(15th to 20th Century)


Art & Photo Restoration Services

Art Cleaning Services
Oil Painting Restoration
Photo Restoration Service
Architectural Makeover
Fire Restoration Service

Almost everything you can imagine is an enemy of artwork and photography …Light ...Water …Fire …Smoke …Cold …Hot …Time …Elbows …Milk …etc… You get the picture!

Artwork is vulnerable and therefore it is imperative that it is properly cared for. For example:
-Don’t hang artwork over a fireplace that is not properly vented and insulated.

Discolored varnish, torn canvas, flaking paint and other damage to paintings can be repaired. Sometimes a repair is as simple as cleaning the painting with a surface cleaning agent and it may be as complex as relining the canvas, repairing a tear, inpainting etc. Eclectic Art Gallery has the experience, knowledge and facilities to clean, repair or restore your art treasures.

Art Business News Features Collectors Circle Benefits

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The Eclectic Art & Objects Gallery links artists and their artwork with buyers through a combination of physical gallery space and virtual on-line galleries. Our services are targeted to home owners, artists, collectors, investors, art enthusiasts, and design professionals

The physical galleries are housed in a newly renovated, turn of the century church building located on the Ohio River near Sewickley, PA. The three story facility features five galleries, a framing workshop and reference library. All galleries are "smart wired" for access to on-line resources and services.

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Current Show

Charles Cobelle
Charles Cobelle
(1902 - 1994)
The Eclectic Art & Objects Gallery is pleased to offer a body of work that spans nearly fifty years of this amazing internationally renowned artist’s life.

The exhibition is ongoing and features examples of Cobelle's mixed media and watercolor paintings, graphics, illustrations and ceramic designs.

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10:00am to 7:00pm.

For details about the show contact Bob Keller at (412) 734-2099 or e-mail at

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